Saved Search Reporting

  • Sky.Flow
  • February 16th, 23

Sky.Flow Saved Search functionality enables users to store often used search parameters and to reuse them with a simple click. This enables users to save time on repetitive tasks or to prepare search quires for less technically proficient colleagues.

Sky.Flow offers extensive built-in-support for searching on document content, document properties and custom properties defined for each class of document in the system. Creating advanced search criteria can be difficult for some users. It could also consume time for creating query and checking that returns results in-line with users’ ideas. With Saved Search functionality this task can be created only once by more proficient users and repeated by anyone in organization.

Saved search functionality is built-in in all search related pages from Sky.Flow 1.7 version. Each page features save button in search query toolbar. Button starts wizard for saving criteria with some parameters: names, relative dates, authorization etc. Once saved, saved search is available directly on Sky.Flow DocPortal home page and in reporting menu. From home page users can just select the query and the system will take them to search result pages, process parameters of the query and execute it. Users can then further work with the files, export results to PDF or do any process specific work related to them.

Saved search parameters are stored in the document management system and any authorization scheme can be applied to them. For example: query can be offered to only one group of people in organization (department or company related), query can be private and visible only to the person created it, etc.

    Some of our use cases:
  • Accounting department uses saved search query to get bank statements for last month. We have a bank statement as a class with corresponding dates and bank information. Query execute search related for last month and returns all information needed.
  • Monitoring for new files – when we do intensive scanning of paper archives, we monitor for the number of created documents in last one, two or three days
  • Processing production reports – getting all yesterday’s reports from production lines for a specific company
  • Cloud korištenje na Amazon AWS-u - Dokumenti su dostupni uvijek preko Internet stranica i mobilnih uređaja
  • Plaćajte samo što koristite – nema ulaganja u aplikaciju niti infrastrukturu, svaki mjesec možete mijenjati broj korisnika prema vašim trenutnim potrebama.
More information and a walk-though guide on Sky.Flow Saved Search functionality can be found at Saved Search Reporting Guide .