Sky.Flow Notifications Framework

  • Sky.Flow
  • January 28th, 22

We have implemented another one of the items from our customers Wishlist: Custom Class Notifications.

    Sky.Flow now supports sending customized e-mails based on a documents properties. I.e.
  • Document class ‘Production report’ has property ‘Status’ set to ‘Final’ -> appropriate e-mail message with select document properties is sent to Production Manager
  • Document class ‘Web uploads’ has property ‘Description’ and contains value ‘curriculum vitae’ -> e-mail sent to HR department
  • Document class ‘Purchase request’ has property ‘Partner’ and contains value ‘Sciomagis’ -> e-mail sent to Key Account Manager for ‘Sciomagis’
Management of notifications is available to all clients under Class management functionality.
This functionality is marked as beta release as it implements customers wish only. Future releases will contain selection process of the appropriate notification inline with Sky ap.GO functions for workflow selection (advanced matching, multiple conditions, …).
Find out more on Sky.Flow documentation:
Any user with specific request wishing to have some more notification options can contact though our usual web pages or their dedicated project manager.
Read document below in full for all the details or contact as...