Checklists and RPA

We are creating a checklists based solution empowered with IoT, RPA and AI technologies. Featuring simple to use workflows with items shared within a team or a family.

One tool

Enhance you business with scheduling, expert system, IoT, RPA: All in one place.

Free forever

Small business and family plan for free forever.

Eco friendly

Project built with partners for net-zero eco offset.

Campaign overview
Checklists will include scheduling, notifications, remainders, escalation actions and reporting. Further, check items will be empowered with option values where data can be populated by user or external device. We are creating IoT connectivity layer which enables connection of home and business devices and population of check item values. These values can enable completion of checklist, provide insight to users, enable escalation actions and reporting. Application will feature an AI Expert system that can guide users though workflows and operating procedures. Also, we are integrating business process management actions with RPA technologies to further automate flow of the data within the system.

Schedule business activities

Execute scheduled lists of activities in a department for a set of co-workers. Add notifications, warnings and deadlines. Escalate non completed items. Make reports and provide data for optimal business execution.

AI guided work

Expert system that guides user though working procedures. Work instructions displayed on screen with reading option. Work item completion with button, speech recognition or external signal. Item completion can create new procedure for work.
Use monitoring to overview process execution, escalate problems and report on performance. Enables faster working procedures, reduces error rate, easier staff training, remote assistance.

RPA & IoT Monitoring

Execute lists of tasks completed by IoT devices and/or staff. Trigger alerts and procedures based on IoT or entered data. Connected devices can complete task and initiate a new list of tasks.

Family house chores

Create regular list of house chores for me and my family. Use notifications and remainders to finish work.

Trip planning

Setup one time list of preparations for holiday, add site-seeing locations, maps, pictures. Share with the group or publish on social media.