Sky.Flow On-demand Workflows

  • Sky.Flow
  • March 31st, 22

Sky.Flow enw version 1.6 bring more features in BPM: On-demand user defined workflows.

Digitalizing business processes in modern organization provides benefits of increased productivity, organization efficiency and enables management on real-time data basis. Depending on the digitalization platform implementation is achieved by using developers and/or BPM experts which can result in significant costs and longer time to production as these kinds of personnel can be limited to find. Modern BPM solutions, like Sky.Flow BPM, offer higher level of BPM design with can result in implementation performed by a trained IT personal, but still requires a bit of specialization. All this can result in organization implementing digitalization in core, most impacted business processes. With Sky.Flow On-demand Workflows we what to enable end users in covering all other use-cases. Functionalities that are not big enough, not specific enough or just would cost too much to go through standard cycle of feasibility, requirements, implementation, testing and more. This functionality still provides the same enhancement to organization efficient organization as well as an implementation of core processes. This can include from simplest “approve me some ad-hoc activity”, “approve this document” or creating a chain of tasks to complete a process not covered in current application.