Modern business requires an increased amount and number of different types of documents, such as correspondence, reports, contracts, invoices and similar. Each type of document entails a mechanism of accessing the details of the document, as well as a process of data distribution to associates which complies with business, technical and legal regulations. Problems that arise from handling documents are dealt with through a system of managing business documents or more specific content (such as DMS or ECM). The objective of implementing this system is to increase the availability and speed of access to documents, to increase productivity, to increase efficiency and to increase safety and management. Common challenges that arise when implementing such a system are the financial support and the amount of time spent by employees, needed to realize the project. An important challenge in implementing a DMS system is also the starting point: data permeates all parts and levels of organization. In order to gradually implement an efficient DMS system of organization, there is a need of knowledge, experience and dedication to dealing with problems of handling documents.

 The usual organization:

  • 19 copies of the same document
  • $20 cost to file a document
  • $120 cost to find a misfiled document
  • 25 h hours worth of work to recreate the lost document

Accounts payable are one of the most common organization documents. It is necessary to retain data from invoices in order for them to be forwarded within the organization, and liquidated by the accounting department. Common challenges in processing accounts payable are a complex and time-consuming authentication process, multiple archives and registers, multiple signatories on the same invoice, monitoring the course of invoice processing, the rising number of documents (invoices and related documents), not receiving data until after the accounting entry has been completed, an increased need to be more efficient in solvency planning, and complying with the legislative requirements of duly paying the bills.

Solution ap.GO platform

The main objective of Sciomagis ap.GO platform is a fast and efficient implementation of a document management system and business processes in organizations, with special focus on processing accounts payable..

  • Data types and ready-made process templates
  • Visual presentation of processing all data
  • Process adjustment without shutdown
  • Invoice preauthorization feature
  • Skipping specific authorizations according to invoice data
  • Variety of bookkeeping styles
  • Ready-made reports
  • Notifications
  • XML export
  • Partner data import
  • Modern and simple interface

Our guiding principles in producing the platform:

  • Affordable price of the product, including all the dependent components: DMS system licenses, accompanying data base and operating system licenses, as well as those of dependent technologies.
  • Fast realization of system implementation in end user environment, measuring in days.
  • A modern DMS system interface, which is also simple enough for a fast adjustment and easy use.
  • User empowerment that enables in house adjustments of the authorization process.

Sciomagis ap.GO platform includes the delivery of Alfresco Community DMS system (called a visionary in DMS system implementation by Gartner, a leading analytical firm), related MySQL Community or Postgre database, Ubuntu operating system and ExtJS licenses with a modern interface. The overall solution has no limits on the number of users, or on the number and quantity of system data..

Using Sciomagis ap.GO platform we managed to define and implement 9 processes and educate end users in a single day.

Snježana Šoše,
Finance director,
KIM Ltd.


Snježana Šoše

A fast system implementation is enabled by the ready-made data model of processing accounts payable, the developed authorization template adjustable by end user, the functionality of data import to and export from ERP, data administration without system shutdown, and ready-made reports for the usual system operations..

We have paid special attention to a modern and simplified web 2.0 user interface, built on professional component basis, in order to facilitate system use regardless of the technical expertise of the end user.

The functionality of ap.GO platform allows the administrator a fast modification when authorizing business processes and administrating all the data necessary for system operation. Ready-made integration with the ERP system allow the user’s IT department independent system integration. Sciomagis provides user education for operating ap.GO platform, which provides, along with the given functionalities, system sustainability within the organization, cost minimization, and reduces the need for engaging external consultants.

Sciomagis ap.GO platform provides fast implementation, Web 2.0 user experience and simple administration. We fine-tuned application to our needs in just two weeks, integrated it with our SAP systems and Active Directory servers and before even thinking of mobile implementations we had managers approving invoices using their BlackBerry devices.

Marin Jirasek, Solutions Architect
DMS Project Manager, Dukat Dairy Industry Incorporated
Dukat Inc. is part of Lactalis group


Marin Jirasek

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