Podravka Inc. and Sciomagis have successfully completed the project of digitalizing the salaries archives. The project has provided Podravka employees with a faster and more efficient way of processing and issuing documents, and enabled their storing. Our client’s testimony is included below in full.

Podravka Inc. and Sciomagis Ltd. on the project of digitalizing the archives

Podravka Inc. observed several problems when archiving the data on our employees' salaries, which we are legally obliged to permanently store and issue at the request of the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute when gathering the necessary retirement data.

The archives consisted of a number of books with the salary data collected through a 30-year period, specifically from 1970 to 1999.

The previous data search was obstructed by having to access and handle old and weighty books, inadequate archival space and time-consuming information search “by hand”. Podravka therefore decided to begin the digitalization of archives with the aim of reducing the number of work hours necessary to process and issue the documents.

Some of the challenges the project was faced with were a large number of records; non-standard book formats, the dimensions of which extended over a meter in length; the type of paper used – from unusually thin to cardboard grammages; and the bulk of the books, which complicated transfer from the old archives, processing and digitalization, as well as the return of the records to the central archives.

For this task, Sciomagis Ltd. were chosen among several bidders. From the very start of the project, they demonstrated a high level of professionalism and competence, offered viable solutions and helped us define the important features in the process of digitalization and data transfer to our information system. The Sciomagis team, with the project leader Davorin A Dumančić, showed an enviable level of professionalism, delivering the digitalized records prior to the agreed deadline. The quality of their work has far surpassed our expectations when entering the project.

Speaking personally, as well as for other participants, I would recommend the Sciomagis team in similar projects. We are certainly looking forward to our future cooperation.

Gordana Dragović, Director of Payroll Service