Custom development

We have years of experience in developing applications tailored to individual users. Some of our solutions include: Sales via the Internet, call center support, automatic data processing, database replication, warehouse management systems, B2B sites, etc. The solutions are developed on a diverse set of programming languages (Java, XML, XSLT, C, C + +, SQL, PHP, HTML, WML, CSS, JavaScript, Assambler), technology and software tools (EMC Documentum platform, EMC Captiva, EMC storage, JDK, J2EE, JBuilder, VisualAge, Visual Studio, Visual SourceSafe, Rational Rose, Xalan, Xerces, Ant, Velocity, Maverick, Baritus, MS SourceSafe, ClearCase, Jakarta Commons, XmlBeans, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JNDI, Formatting Objects, Hibernate, Middlegen, JDBC) and servers, databases and operating system (WebSphere, Sunone, Sun J2EE RI, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL, MySQL, Access, Windows, MS-DOS, Linux, AIX).

We are committed to continually training our employees to be able to offer customers the best solutions in the most effective manner. Some of our certifications include: Documentum BPM Designer, Documentum BPM Developer, Designing and architecting J2EE applications, Enterprise JavaBeans Programming, Development of server applications in VisualAge for Java, Documentum WDK Fundamentals (EMC) Documentum Advanced WDK, Java I, C programmer, SQL, XML, VMware, and many others.

Paper archiving and scanning

To offer our clients a complete service for working with documents Sciomagis with partner companies provides solutions for the complete lifecycle of the documents. From the moment of creation, through usage, storage and destruction. Physical document storing is done on the premises in accordance with the law on archiving, on four locations in Croatia: Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek. Scanning of the documents is performed using top-quality equipment that performs recording in electronic form and recording on microfilm simultaneously. The delivery of electronic documents is done according to customer requirements, and includes delivery to our on-line archive.


Online archiving

We have developed several solutions for online archiving which are based on using existing platforms for document management and creating custom solutions. Online DMS allows on-line management and storage of your content - Cloud Content Management. You can access your documents from anywhere and anytime - you only need access to a computer and Internet to access your online data. In online archives you can store all of the content in electronic form (digitized and all other content that is already in electronic form) which you can now manage more efficiently, or just to store and access as needed.

Digital signature

E-Lock is a leading provider of digital and electronic signature solutions, empowering businesses across the globe to go paperless conveniently and securely. While ensuring security and legal compliance, E-Lock's dSig and eSig solutions provide an easy, user-friendly way to authenticate documents, content and transactions. E-Lock electronic and digital signature solutions can be integrated with any existing application, software or workflow.

Sciomagis is an authorized E-Lock partner who provides full range of services using E-lock technologies.

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Microsoft licencing

Sciomagis offers Microsoft FG (Finished goods) program packages „Open license“ and „Open Value“, and „Full package“ products for clients or further sale.

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Web hosting

We offer web hosting as an authorised reseller of IPower. For prices and information contact us or look for more information of IPower web.

ICANN's Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities

ICANN's Registrant Educational Information

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