Fred - Simple, Smart and Swift ECM

Sciomagis is offering suit of products from XeniT with the emphasis on Fred. Over the years XeniT has grown into one of the leading Alfresco ECM providers. with powerful content solutionsfor various companies across a wide range of sectors.Trafigura, Stadtwerke München, InterContinental Hotel Group, Etat de Vaud, Aquafin, P&V insurance, UZ Brussels are a few examples.

What is Fred ?

To bring ECM closer to the working environment of the user, XeniT developed a desktop application called Fred. Thanks to Fred, the full richness of Alfresco becomes easy to use for all employees in your company all over the world.

By reducing, in some cases decimate, the number of clicks for basic operations, supporting intuitive metaphors like drag & drop, right-mouse-click, etc., your users will enjoy interacting with Alfresco in an explorer like manner. Fred makes it dead simple to create, edit, find and delete a document, respecting the Alfresco imposed security rights.

Next to the ease of use of explorer-like operations, Fred discloses the full power of Alfresco with support for document types, aspects, meta-data and categories. Along the way, we assist your users to comply with your ECM governance policies. Fred reverses the single user paradigm in ECM into a centrally supported and guided way of working.

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Find out more on Fred www.xenit.eu/fred

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