• Fast and simple access to information
  • Business process automation
  • Complying with standards

Area of enterprise document and process management is one of the fastest growing segments of IT. Fast development is based on exponential growth of documents volume in all business sectors. Growth itself is driven by simplicity of creation and distribution of electronic documents; cheap print to paper; and on the other side driven by different regulatory and business demands that make organization produce more and more documents

Sciomagis has long lasting experience in implementing system for enterprise document and process management based on leading platforms like EMC² Documentum and Alfresco. Project usually include using input management solutions from EMC² Captiva or Abbyy. 

Our solutions include ready to use or custom developed solutions for: sale automation, accounts payable, archiving modules (employee records, contracts, salaries, client maps, audio/video, reports, ...). Applications can be tailored to suite different ICT environments, platforms (Windows, Linux), databases (Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL), or integrated with various existing business solutions of the customers.

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accounts payable solution

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 quick DMS implementation

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